About Us

Başak Cankeş, the founder and lead designer of Bashaques’ followed her passion and studied fashion design at Fine Arts Department to create his own dream and build an inspiring future. By benefiting from her experiences with widely known fashion designers like Bora Aksu in United Kingdom, she discovered her talent in painting and pattern design. This inner discovery set a milestone in her career and motivated her to create a brand offering wearable art and inspire women with an artistic point of view. Başak Cankeş finds her inspiration in art, different cultures and travelling. She runs her first store in Alaçatı, where is so popular among intellectual scene and surfers in Turkey, and hosts various international designers brands, art shows and the collection with Bashaques’ label. Basak Cankes’ AW15/16 collection is awarded by Mediterranean Fashion Prize Committee in Marseille and Centre of Fashion Enterprise in United Kingdom in 2015.