Returns & Refunds

After you receive your return to our warehouse, you can check whether the product meets the return conditions, and the related transactions are completed within 2 business days and the refunds are completed. You will be notified by email when your return transactions are completed by After this stage, the time to return your account to your account varies depending on your bank processes.

The invoice date does not exceed 15 days, the product protection band is not opened, the labels have not been removed and unused, you can send your products with all the re-sellable features intact. Refunds which do not comply with these conditions will be refunded against you by not being accepted. For this reason, we recommend that you return your products as soon as possible and return them as stated above, as soon as they reach you.

You can send your returns free of charge by DOMESTIC Cargo.

 * Refund will be given to you by email when your shipment reaches us. After checking the conformity of the returned products with the return conditions, the refunds for the accepted return requests are forwarded to the bank within 2 (two) business days. Your repayment is done by your bank in the same way as you pay to your payment vehicle (in installments with installments). The progress of this process depends entirely on the internal processes of your bank.

Return Address:


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Hacımemiş mah. , 12000 Street (Jandarma Street), No: 15 Alacati Cesme